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When swelling doesn’t go down the next morning after the stitches, Dr. Murray tells Billy Harris, a utility forward for the Toronto Maple Leafs, “This looks like a job for Larry.” Larry was a leech. The next thing Billy hears is Dr. Murray seriously announcing “that he wasn’t sure how to remove the bloodsucker...”

Hello hockey fans! My name is Joe Pelletier, and before I finish telling you the story of how Dr. Murray removed Larry the Leech, and whether Billy Harris was able to play that night, I just want to take a quick minute tell you how I discovered this story.

When I was six years old, my love for hockey history was born the day my mother took me to the library and I was able to check out the NHL Guide and Record Book.

Today, over 30 years later, my love for hockey history is stronger than ever, and it has taken me to on a journey that has lead me to authoring the books, Legends of Team Canada, and The World Cup of Hockey. As well as creating the popular websites:, and

In short, my love of hockey is my way of sharing what I learn with the world. It is not just a hobby, but a labor of love. That labor of love has enabled me to author my latest book Pucks on the 'Net.


“…As Allan Stanley pushed off Gordie Howe, his stick slashed the right side of Billy Harris’s face. Allan’s stick cut Harris on the brow, a cut that required 14 stitches to close, and also on the cheek just below his right eye, which required 8 stitches to close… The next morning, Dr. Murray examined Harris to discover that the area above the eye was badly swollen….with Billy horizontal on the medical table, Dr. Murray nicked the swollen area with a razor blade, and the attached Larry- or Larry attached himself - as Billy could feel Larry pulsating with joy as the leech sucked the blood…”

Pucks on the 'Net contains the story of Billy Harris, Dr. Murray, and Larry the Leech, as well as 65 additional stories about Hockey’s heroes, tough guys, popular and unknown stars from all over the world, including personal stories from my own life.

I wrote this book because I wanted to share my hockey knowledge, and my favorite weird, wacky, inspiring, and amazing stories from the history of hockey.

In Pucks on the 'Net, you will discover over 400 hockey players, coaches, team owners, and referees, while visiting 19 different countries- including some countries that you might have never known had an Ice Hockey team or league.

“Hockey history can be dry, but Joe has managed to find facts, and stories that stick with you a long time. On top of that they bring a smile.”

-Kirstie Mclellan Day,
Canada’s best selling hockey author
Wrote foreword for Pucks on the 'Net.


In addition to reading stories that contain the names of over 350 hockey players, I also include in Pucks On the 'Net:
  • Birthday and Christmas present ideas for your own favorite hockey player or fan. For example, in the story “Top Ten Hockey Books’, I present a list of the top ten hockey books, a list that I compiled after reading around 1,200 hockey books.
  • The perfect Christmas present for any hockey player or fan in the story “Table Hockey Dreams”. This is a secret that your kids, and others, will be glad that you discovered for years to follow!
  • How Mario Lemieux’s Mom taught her son to skate in the story “Mario Lemieux’s Crazy Mom”

You will love reading stories about:
  • Marcel Bonin’s Bear Wrestling Days.
  • Bill Durnan, the goaltender for the Montreal Canadiens who used to wear two catching gloves, because he was ambidextrous. Read all about him in the story “Dr. Strange Glove”
  • Turk Broda, a 1940s goaltender, and how he pulled off the best excuse to miss a game in the story “The Chinese Flu”.
  • “The Night Pat Quinn Knocked Out Bobby Orr”. A story that took place in 1969 and ultimately required Police escorting Pat Quinn, of the Toronto Maple Leafs back to the dressing room.
  • Have you ever heard what happens when a defenseman is chosen to stop a penalty shot instead of the goalie? You’ll read the outcome in the story ‘Stackhouse stopped Penalty Shots.”
  • One of the NHL’s most legendary moments, in the story “The Silver Fox”, a story about two brothers who became two of the most influential men in the history of hockey. Read all about their accomplishments, contributions to the sport as well as a legendary night in the 1928 NHL playoffs.

Dr. Murray seriously announced that he wasn’t sure how to remove the bloodsucker. But he needn’t have worried. Within seconds Larry had bloated himself to triple his normal size and he rolled off on the floor, dead, but with a smile on his face. The eye wasn’t quite normal, but Billy Harris, the utility forward for the Toronto Maple Leafs during the 1960s, flew to Windsor that afternoon with Foster Hewitt, and was able play a couple of shifts that night”

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Kevin Shea - editor of publications for the Hockey Hall of Fame, and author of several hockey books including Barilko: Without A Trace, Over The Boards: The Ron Ellis Story, and Lord Stanley: The Man Behind The Cup.


"Joe, just finished the eBook - outstanding. You have a great handle on how to weave stories and make them interesting. Take a bow, bud!"

Jeff Marek, host of Roger's SportsNet's HockeyCentral